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Best Mystery Video Games In All Console





Driving and shooting are exciting, sure, however at times you need to place on your trenchcoat, meet a few smoky dames, and play a detective game on the PS3 or XBox. Fixing mysteries may not make your adrenalin begin flowing exactly the same it might if perhaps you were blasting zombies online, however it can offer an interesting mystery and end up being a genuine brain teaser.

If you are into solving mysteries on the Ps3 or Microsoft's 360, you are in good fortune. There are an increasing number of excellent titles for both models which supports turn any budding detective into a super sleuth. They vary wildly from extreme murder mysteries to incredible noir activities to warm and friendly "junior detective" stories in the vein of Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown.

Video games like Heavy Rain, LA Noire, along with other top console mystery adventures are ideal for anybody who needs to step outside their safe place and begin resolving some crimes.

I cannot rave sufficient about Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3.  This superbly delivered modern detective mystery is the same parts Raymond Chandler and Saw II. Gamer's don't merely solve a murderer case: they live it.  Making use of a distinctive control system that needs hard button presses, careful adjustment of directional buttons, as well as shaking the controller in the right path, your character examines crime scenes, braves a serial killer's dangerous traps, and communicates in one of the most intellectually gratifying crime games ever.


It is not easy to genuinely do justice to Heavy Rain's story only using words.  Characters control four unrelated figures, each attempting to track down a murderer by themselves: the father of the killer's newest victim, an FBI agent, a personal detective hired to find the murderer, and a journalist searching for a scoop.  Like most video games, these characters can die during the period of the game. As opposed to most video games, whenever a character dies the storyline keeps moving.  If, for instance, the correspondent gets slain sticking her nose where it does not belong, the overall game continues moving and she'll not be capable of complete her investigation.

Even though gamers might remember fondly the heartpounding action series the most, the true meat of the game is inspection.  Interrogating witnesses, examining crime scene information, solving clues left by the deranged killer, and ultizing your detective skills to get a killer to justice are what Heavy Rain is centered on.


This extremely cinematic game is definitely planned to turn into a major motion picture.  If you are looking for an incredible mystery solving puzzle game for the PS3, get Heavy Rain ASAP.

LA Noire is, possibly, the ideal straight up detective video game for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. Gamers will seem like they walked onto the arranged of LA Confidential, since they help a beat cop progress the ranks of the LAPD during the 1940s.  Discovering a photoaccurate illustration of vintage Hollywood, the designers of the Grand Theft Auto series have produced probably the most special gaming encounters in recent history.

Mystery fixing is at the heart of this 360/PS3 title. LA Noire does feature the occasional gun fight, however gamers will mainly be worried about canvassing crime scenes, talking to witnesses, utilizing their special facial hints to find out if somebody is telling lies, questioning suspects, and virtually using every detective tool in your arsenal to place the bad men behind jail.


Featuring Aaron Staton (Mad Men's Ken Cosgrove), gamers will see probably the most realistic facial tics and in-game actors ever.  LA Noire is definitely an open-world game centered on maintaining the law instead of breaking it.  By no means just before features a PS3 or 360 games so precisely redone the expertise of reading a pulp novel. Detective fiction at its best for the new millennium.


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