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Boom Beach Look For Alliance

A few months after release on iOS devices with numerous updates behind, we desired to touch this phenomenon to comprehend exactly what the reasons of a success so striking are, and whether it is possible to play without necessarily having to put hand to the wallet. Inside a fantasy, the game puts us in charge of a town we have the job to broaden over time, through the collection of resources, the construction of new structures, the fortifying of existing ones and the training of soldiers to conquer surrounding territories as well as to challenge other gamers online, protect their attacks and even join real arranged clan.

The management stage of Boom Beach is virtually identical to that of numerous other similar manufacturing. In the best part of the screen there is an icon that enables us to access the various buildings, each of which has an expense in gold coins and drops of Elixir. We can buy the creation of a structure and await the minutes required for its conclusion or spending gems available, in practice the real currency of the game, because the outcome is immediate. At the start there is an enough amount of gems to keep choosing a few hours, then we should always be patient or bestow any in-app purchase, though rather salty prices.

In short, the list of Boom Beach we did instantly understand how does Super cell to collect a big amount of money a day. For the rest the mechanics of resource collection, touching their icons, is exactly what fans of the genre popular, although luckily there are asked for less help than the average, meanings it needs to be constantly there to touch the structures that produce coins or potions to be gathered; which is a good thing. Then there is the 2nd phase, the designers define "strategic", where you need to train a variety of soldiers of various kinds, each classification is unlocked as you increase in level to wage war on the neighboring clan and raiding their wealth. 

Regrettably, the action is promptly exceptionally simple and lacking in density: given a particular opponent camp, our only move is to put soldiers at one point on the map, then trusting their sense of top priorities in order to destroy the hostile positions. The reality of not having the ability to direct attacks prior to on guns, for example, is a huge handicap and makes it essentially impossible to finish successfully some campaigns unless you have truly a huge amount of devices. When it comes to technical application, lastly, touch commands work fine and it's almost never ever choose an object instead of another, and the graphics are well designed and vibrant.


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