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Call of Duty Black Ops I Can't Forget

Before I start this review and learn my history of playing this COD. I am a fan of COD and lastly played COD MW and I like to play the game using PC. And since I have a friend who is a programmer and he is good at cracking the games from other console. I will not buy video games but just got it from my friends and other gamers. Now let me continue what I have to say about this COD Black Ops 2 and I know this video game will continue to higher number.

Graphics: As somebody who played these video games on Xbox 360, the jump to my more advanced PC really provides almost no distinction aesthetically from MW3 on Xbox. That isn't to state the game appears bad, the characters gear and facial expressions look thorough and the surroundings and weather effects are perfect. However it is clear the engine has evolved little in the last two years and does not hold up graphically to the higher end PC games. The plus aspect is it operates at the consistent frame rate that COD is renowned for and never decelerates regardless of what's on screen (your millage can vary based on PC). GRAPHICS RATING 8/10




Sound: The audio in COD video games has become a combined bag for me considering that the WWII days of this series finished. I was very amazed with the voice behaving in the campaign so far, the dialogue is yet another story. My major gripe stays, and that's that the weapons just sound kind of "soft" when fired, like they lack any real punch when compared to rest of the fighting in the background. As this is a game in places you fire thousands of bullets I think about this to be a significant problem. Explosions and background effects from radio chat and soldiers shouting are about par for the course. SOUND RATING 7/10





Campaign: I truly relished the Black Ops I play campaign more than the MW2 and MW3, and also this one has satisfied me up to now. The future setting works well for a game that terribly required a change of pace. The campaign jumps among past, present, and "future" (2025 where the game happens) through cutscenes and dialogue. The cutscenes are a new accessory for the video game and great for relocating the story together, however unlike most video games they look a lot worse aesthetically than the actual game play. The future establishing enables some new gameplay components like hacking, optical camo, and funky gizmos that are somewhat believable. I've not enjoyed far enough in to experience the new strike missions, however I've read they are a blended bag. The core gameplay is mostly the same and will also be extremely acquainted to COD veterinarians. Go there, kill these guys, jump on that turret, and get that rocket launcher, and so on. However in the long run setting I need to admit I was really having a good time again rather than checking out the movements like MW3. The set parts (rail scenes) are vintage COD, and it is a good time leaping off a cliff in a windsuit in the pouring rain. Another significant change is the addition of a loadout screen, so that pre mission you may choose your weapons and gear. A great addition. To date so great on the campaign. CAMPAIGN RATING: 8/10




Multiplayer:  I'd been enormously disappointed with MW3, simply experienced like I'd been purchasing a map pack for an older COD video game. BLOPS II changes the system and hits a surprising homerun here. The main modify is to the develop a class. Rather than old "pick one perk/attachment from each slot" these days there are a 10 point system. Any mixture of accessories, weapons, benefits, etc can be chosen so long as their value adds up to 10 or less. This enables for practically unrestricted possibilities. Perhaps you want two benefits from "perk 1" slot, go for it, and just ditch that extra grenade. Want 3 weapon attachments? Sure perhaps ditch that "perk 3" slot you did not care a lot for. This allows players lots of choices for producing their ultimate killing machine. The killstreaks have become point streaks, so teamwork is a little more motivated (of course no one cares nonetheless, it’s everything about the K/D for most gamers). The airstrike/support alternatives are all a good time, and nothing seems ridiculously crowded out when compared with older games (chopper gunner!!!). You will find there's new e-sports league modes where you stand coordinated according to skill and all unlocks are produced accessible. COD TV is created in, however I have not completed it yet. You will find there's completely personalized mode with bots. These functions result in the whole multiplayer feel total and well curved. The maps are mainly of the smaller variety, however each one has a distinctive visual style and I locate them more fulfilling than MW3 maps. I'm sure DLC maps can have up in no time as well. 


Well I rate this version with regards to Multiplayer rating: 9/ 10. However, another thing that is so great about the game and it’s my favorite is the humor of the character and the story, I keep on playing the game over and over again with different difficulty level. Of course shooting like crazy in the all terrain that will blow my mind. Of the best multiplayer I’ve been participating. Awesome



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