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Just A Game For Gamers

megathroneThere's even more variety in the atmospheres and you no longer feel like you're diminishing the same corridors. The scenery changes along with each battle and the Dinobot chapters possess a mechanical-jungle vibe to them. The illumination has improved dramatically and adds a deeper, much more realistic sense of environment. Of course, the real stars are the Transformers and they look spectacular. Each robot is actually enveloped in meticulous detail that's constantly in motion. They stimulate flawlessly and you never feel like you're controlling the same machine.

Cybertron is actually a war torn planet and also the deep, throttling explosions follow your every step. This is a surround-sound paradise and the accompanying orchestral music makes each shootout feel epic. The score is more climactic than before and also gives the narrative a bold, cinematic energy. The authentic voice acting returns and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime is once again at his ideally - but it's Nolan North as Bruticus, Cliffjumper, and also Brawl that takes the show this time around. North is actually a remarkable voice actor that brings an unmatched personality and charm to every little thing he does.


The project is significantly shorter and also easier this time around. It is actually clear that important time and effort went into crafting the world, but unfortunately, overall value and also content take a big hit. The campaign is over in less than seven hours and also the ending fight is shockingly easy. As soon as you've pounded the main story, you're left with Multiplayer and Escalation modes, however they aren't enough to camouflage the flawed single player experience. Don't get me wrong; the story mode performs the franchise much more justice than all of the Michael Bay movies incorporated, but the lack of challenge takes away from the game as a whole. Luckily, the multiplayer mode offers a Transformer-creator and gives you plenty of reasons to unlock all parts. You could mix and match any combination of limbs to constitute the ultimate fighting machine. Escalation is most likely the most fun to play. Just like before, you fight surges of progressively difficult enemies and also the sense of camaraderie as you rush across the battleground to revive an ally is fantastic.

bumble bee

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a turning point within the Transformers universe. High Moon Studios established a groundbreaking back-story that both satisfy fans along with welcomes new audiences without losing genuineness of the franchise. Despite a lack of challenge, the sequel brings gameplay diversity that's rarely viewed in the third person shooter category and presents it along with breathtaking visuals and also a fantastic soundtrack. This is actually a dream come true for Transformers fans and I cannot wait to view where the series will certainly go from here.




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