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Sims Entertainment For All

I notice plenty of grumbling regarding "saving your money" for Sims 2. Indeed, the latest edition has gone out in some months - so why not get some good new gameplay to keep the overall game fascinating meanwhile? The expansion pack is worth the money if you play the Sims frequently or if perhaps you played the Sims frequently and also got a little bored. There are a few great new objects, new affairs, and new gameplay that keep the game fresh and fascinating.

I have especially liked incorporating having the ability to of Sims having the ability to cultivate grapes, berries, honey, "nectar" and butter. I have usually desired my Sims to "live off the land," but it is never been actually feasible. With the help of selling "nectar" your Sims can produce a living off of the things they raise. I additionally enjoy the flooring, walls and objects which go in addition to this theme (more homey, more country). Additionally, there are some additional interactions (bouncing into arms, etc.) which can be wonderful. Something I'd like to see: a chance to purchase multiple items with one action (rather than purchasing one unit of sugar every time) - it can make being a "nectar" producer extremely irritating. (You will need sugar to create nectar, so you clearly need a ton of it - you may spend a complete day at the market, trying to get enough sugar.)

I acknowledge with the reviews that require a bit of a concern with the magical part of the game. I do like "The Sims" as being a life simulation - the addition of quests and magical powers appear a little bit off the Sims' original concentrate. Nevertheless, some of my pals do benefit from the new gameplay, so I speculate its fine. The truth is you don't need to do any magic if you do not need to. To me the new farm/coutry stuff and interactions can be worth the money.

A fast word about expansion packs: while expansion packs are further revenue options to tide Maxis over before the next latest version, I do value them. Maxis will a pretty great job listening to fan feedback and applying the ideas for the expansion packs.

Even excellent game makers like the folks at Maxis can't completely predict everything individuals will want - particularly in a life simulation. While I think Maxis travelled a tad too far with the number and trendiness of the expansion packs (yes, The Sims Superstar, I'm considering you), I liked some of them and liked many of them (although I acquired the least utilize out of Sims Vacation).

Long story short, this expansion pack can make the wait for Sims 2 seem a little bit shorter.

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