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Sims Kid's Kinds of Interest

I bought Sims searching for a small amount spice and I got just what I was looking for. Yeah, it's a little pricey but it's respectable. I love the hairstyles, the child and kid plays. I enjoy the interaction alternatives between the moms and dads and youngsters just as much as the choice of teens going to proms and graduating. Possibly this assisted, however I first downloaded Sims 3 then generations, then late night. I enjoy these three truthfully in that order. I would state attempt and wait for a sale but generations is well worth it if you are wanting to invest and add on to your game base. If you are not aiming to spend money then just simply stick with the Sims 3 Deluxe edition and you will certainly make it through. I knew that when I began contributing to my base I would be adding cash to it. Hope this helps!

Didn't think that I’d like this expansion pack, however after playing it for a long time it needs to be among my favorites. There are great deals of interactions with other Sims contributed to the game. Teens have a lot more fun stuff to do, and if you don't such as having fun with a child and teen in your family, you can send them away to boarding school and have them return with skills. It is worth it for the price. I have all of the Sims games and this one is one of my favorites! I enjoy all of the tricks that the kids and teenagers can do. The only unfavorable I can believe of is the track record meter.

I didn't have any issues downloading it besides it taking for life. For those of you have troubles simply see to it all your games depend on date and that you uninstall all personalized content you have actually downloaded you can get it back by simply going to your account on sims and installing it again, it must all be saved there. And for the activation secret go to your account on and click this item. I certainly will be using for more expansion packs! It's nice not having CDs to worry about or game boxes. There is not a brand-new town, however there are brand-new interactions. Children get to play games. There are 3 houses, hopscotch. I also love the imaginary friend. Teens can have teen celebrations, sleep parties. You can now graduate, and you can teach your teen how to drive. The only thing I can't stand is that I can't stop my parents for disciplining their youngster after they get caught late after curfew or having a teen celebration.


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