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Sims Will Make You Miss Your College Life

For the Sims 2, gamers might take their Sims to college. And now Sims 3 gamers can do the exact same, by sending off their Sims to school for a degree and experience college life, including the entire dorm experience, in a college school addition to the Sims 3 arena. Certainly the main focus is studying and earning among six Sims degrees, but what would college life lack the social scene? University Life has that covered.


Student Sims is running widespread. How about keg social events and beer pong? Yep, that's here, too-- well, not beer or liquor per se, because the game doesn't supported minor drinking, rather replacing the beer and alcohol with fruit juice in those kegs and cups. But partying hearty after some heavy studying is certainly encouraged in University Life, as is hanging with similar social cliques via the brand-new smartphone that has close friends and associates simply a call away. Of course, it's not all play on school. Besides studying, there are interactive activities that get Sims closer to that degree. Artists have a sketchbook to sharpen their innovative abilities while the clinical degree has potential Einstein's dabbling with a cloning machine. And when the degree is full, there's a graduation event, complete with the cap, dress and diploma.

Although it isn't a factor in earning that degree, the social interactions between a gamers' Sims and others on-campus is exactly what boosts or minimizes a Sims' social likeability with others. Nerds, jocks, defiant youth-- pick your social circle, or intertwine between them all. The school has plenty of places to work on that social facet of University Life, consisting of a coffeehouse and a comic's shop where the nerdy gamers hang out, reading comics and playing videogames. Unfortunately, not every structure on school can be explored. Lots of are simply gone into by your Sims up until they are done inside, without any gameplay choices in those 4 walls of academia.

While the game urges scholastic excellence for Sims undergrads, obviously, there are selections to make. Research or celebration? Lab work or that protest rally in the center of school? That will certainly choose if the pursuit of that degree shows as fruitful as the juice in those celebration kegs. Long time Sims gamers will not mind heading back to school again with plenty of brand-new academic experiences and locations to socially discover with a revisiting of those school days gone by or experiencing it in tandem with existing college life, depending upon the age of the player.




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